International Giant Chain Heavy Attack

In the field of financial management, stocks, funds, etc., blockchain USES nodes to record every link in the industrial chain, and protects the tripartite database of investors, project parties and governments with consensus and authority

IDD base on BTC ETH exploit Public blockchain

Point-to-point data exchange

There is no intermediary link for data point-to-point transmission, query triggering intelligent contract to ensure maximum benefit of the data source

Bidirectional anonymity mechanism

The development of privacy protection is highly transparent;Crypto transactions cannot be tampered with

Personal privacy protection

Highly anonymous zero-knowledge proof and blind digital signature protect privacy check data authenticity to ensure data legality

data security

We also organically combined Al and blockchain technology through DAO

Denial of service mechanism

More flexible, point-to-point, multi-redundant one of the node channels is not affected by a denial-of-service attack

core value

POW4POS hybrid consensus mechanism gives consideration to efficiency and fair quantum resistance secret keys, giving security to post-quantum blocks

Integrated calculate force
difficulty level
Mature blocks
The node is

about us

Channeling prevention, traceability, wealth management level, return rate, and capital flow, from the source to the terminal, so producers and service providers who have access to the industrial chain are able to accurately track the time and responsibility.Using blocks, recording by modules and uploading to the main chain, it is also a kind of supervision, proof and constraint for users and investors who falsely complain blackmail.Build a big data platform Shared by individuals, enterprises and regulators.

Open financial mode

IDD Mechanism whole-network financing (excellent)

Global online financing. All codes are distributed globally through IDD mechanism.

Open source mechanism

All code is 100% free and open source, and code contributors are paid.

Combine with real industry

The asset transaction can be realized quickly through the docking with the third party entity.

Strong team development capability

Most of the team members are from large Internet companies, mainly GO and C language experts.

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